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If your objective matches one or more of the challenges indicated below, then we have a solution for you.

  • Engaging your audience
  • Highlighting an event or campaign
  • Sharing your data with colleagues, clients or top management
  • Making your data more user-friendly and accessible


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100% responsive designs for your websites, big screens, apps...
Easily embeddable in an iFrame to display everywhere
Real time data
You and your company are unique. And your dashboards should reflect this!

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In order to create the tool that matches your needs exactly, we will ask you questions such as:

Our proprietary Lightping© technology and data visualization platform allows us to process and create your unique dashboards quicker and more cost-effectively than any other agency.

At Lightping, all our visualizations are custom made. Your needs and objective always come first.

Data sources:
  • In-house standard connectors to social media data
    Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
  • Custom connectors to any other source of data
    Open data, internal data, private data..